Children’s Home + Aid
403 S. State St.
Bloomington, IL 61701

Mother found the Crisis Nursery (CN) through her psychiatrist.  She had recently moved to the area from out of state with her husband, who serves in the military, with their three young children.  The mother suffered from severe Postpartum Depression and anxiety.  The family had experienced several moves due to the father’s duty assignments. The family did not have anyone in her support system that lived in the state.  The mother was completely overwhelmed with caring for her children and trying to adjust to their new home.  The mother’s anxiety and depression were severe enough that she did not unpack their belongings and felt apprehensive when looking at her home.  The mother’s attachment to her daughters was impacted by her mental health. The mother began using the Crisis Nursery and was given information for a maternal mental health support group, which she began attending on a regular basis.  She was also provided frequent home visits to help her with her anxiety regarding her current living situation.  She has continued to meet with her psychiatrist monthly and her medications have assisted in decreasing her symptoms.  As the mother’s symptoms receded, her relationship with her children improved.  She was able to use the Crisis Nursery for parent breaks to spend quality time with the children, one-on-one to strengthen their bond.  The mother became a leader in the maternal mental health group and the other mothers looked to her for advice and information.  The mother has stated, “I know, without a doubt, that without the Crisis Nursery and the resources you shared with me I would still be struggling.” 

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